Events and classes are streamed live on our YouTube channel: HadithDisciple.


You may use the live chat to ask questions or comment. Stay connected by creating a YouTube account and subscribing to the channel so that you may receive notifications for other lectures/videos. 



Class Schedule:

Tuesdays after Maghrib   EST

 Wednesdays after Maghrib   EST      

 Thursday after Maghrib   EST

*Saturday after Maghrib   EST


Regular Classes are Held at: Masjid Ahlis-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah 109-06 Van Wyck Expy, Queens, NY 11420
(*) Classes are Held at Masjid at-Taqwa 1188 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11216

 Classes are at Masjid-Ahlis-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah (Masjid on the Van Wyck) unless stated otherwise.
*Please note: times may vary according to the Shaykh's personal schedule.
These are estimated times.